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A sunshine song, rooting the manifestation of self belief & courage.


'we are all just human'

A video response to the world's recent tumultuous events in 2020-21, shining a light on how important it is that we nurture nature, stay united in our humanity & avoid judgement & separation after all ... 
we are all just human. 
Catherine Taylor-Dawson - Singer Songwriter/Arranger/ Producer
Eugenio Perez Guitan - Trumpet
Tony Moreaux - Drums
Yan Adrover - Bass
Alex O'Brien - Keys 

A song to manifest love.  
When ready to receive love, love will find you.
'The more I love me, the more I can love you'
Love and care are the same energy whether it's for ourselves or for another. 



Out of the darkness comes light.  'Unstuck' exhales the grief of losing someone you love and inhales the hope of holding them again.  This connects with the feeling of sweet relief and brings the bridge into strength and healing with sunshine on the other side.

spreading love & peace through music & art

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